Tying the power of chemistry into solutions to social problems

As a marketing organization that connects people, technology, and information at a high level, we take advantage of the advanced technology of the MGC Group to create value to share with society in the global market.

From cutting-edge electronics to life sciences

We carry products for a wide range of fields, from methanol and ammonia derived from natural gas and other derivatives to chemicals for the manufacturing processes of semiconductors and LCDs and products in the food field such as AGELESS®.

Chemistry also key to performance of electric materials

We address customer needs in the rapidly developing field of electronic and information devices, which includes smartphones and other multimedia devices, automotive related technologies such as automatic driving and driving assistance, and electronic devices that support the world of IoT. Our wide range of products includes everything from printed circuit boards to metal surface treatment chemicals.

High-performance engineering plastics with high added value

We provide flexible support for diverse needs with various engineering plastics, including materials for molding such as special optically functional plastics and the five major engineering plastics, polycarbonate sheets, film, and more.


Developing our Chemicals, Electric Materials, and Engineering Plastics businesses, we provide a wide range of products
from basic raw materials to high value-added products tailored to customer needs.


Electric Materials

Engineering Plastics

Chemicals Business Electric Materials Business Engineering Plastics Business